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Natasha Chart Rallies Before SCOTUS

Natasha-Chart_avatar-164x164“I’ve been told that I am not a nice, inclusive person for saying that the law needs to be able to recognize sex. And not just me, but all the women who don’t believe that human beings can change sex. We’ve been, we’ve even been accused of perpetrating genocide. It’s funny because five years ago, I first started seeing lesbians were being publicly shamed, sexually harassed, and demonized by straight men calling themselves lesbians.
These men also tended to call themselves progressives, feminists … They keep telling us now that they are absolutely indispensable to the women’s movement, and we cannot do without them. Everyone can always see this behavior, and they always get away with it.
I didn’t think — and I still don’t — that sexually harassing lesbians is a good way to be inclusive. So I objected.
It turns out it’s a firing offense on today’s left to complain about men sexually harassing lesbians if that man says he feels like he’s a lesbian.
That harassment still goes on, and if anything, it has gotten worse. Women share shocking screenshots with me from lesbian dating apps, which are now just simply packed wall-to-wall with men. These men have even started getting women’s [social media] profiles suspended for saying no to them and refusing to recognize their gender and validate their feelings.
Across social media, women’s accounts and access to public conversation is under permanent, constant surveillance for offenses against men claiming to be women, with catastrophic penalties for refusing to lie for them to spare their feelings.
Is that nice behavior? What about my feelings? What about the feelings of all the women who have lost all access to public conversation on social media?
I saw that President [Barack] Obama made several moves to end single-sex facilities for women and girls through executive branch orders and funding threats. His administration and now the entire Democratic congressional caucus made a point of insisting on an end to women’s rights to bodily privacy from men whenever we are outside our homes. If a woman complains that a man has dropped his trousers in front of her at a job, the left will shout “Me Too!” in solidarity, and he’ll be cancelled. If a woman complains because he dropped his trousers in front of her at a gym locker, but he says he’s a woman, they’ll cancel her. Is that kind?
Was it inclusive when the women who objected to that [trouser dropping] were fired for it? Women are still being fired if they dare to say anything against this.
Anywhere on the left, some of us may be fired for the offense of appearing at this [alliance] gathering today. None of the women at liberal organizations can say no to this [transgender] agenda or their peers will destroy them, and that makes their consent to this [transgender ideology] — their support for it — as meaningful as a hostage statement.
Last night, a woman wrote to me, a progressive reporter who is outspoken and not shy to hold unpopular opinions, to ask for a quote for this [transgender legal] case. And after she got my reply, she said to me, she wrote, “I just met Aimee [Stephens, the plaintiff in the lawsuit], she prepares for tomorrow, she is a woman.” And I asked her, “In what way is Stephens a woman?” And she said, and I quote, “It’s not a matter of what I think.”
And I’m here [to protest] for her [the reporter] today, even though she probably really dislikes me.
It is the right of all women to speak publicly and be able to petition our government for the redress of our grievances and be able to participate openly in the public sphere. I have seen numerous women banned from social media for pointing out that gender transition treatments leave children sterile for life at ages where they can’t possibly consent to such permanent decisions. But a generation of quirky, stereotype-rejecting kids — many of whom would grow up to identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, many of whom are autistic — are being sterilized as minors now.
And the only crime that the left or social media companies seem to recognize in this is the crime of women objecting to the wholesale sterilization of vulnerable children. For that, we get accused of “promoting genocide.” There are doctors in the U.S. who will go to work today and oversee the chemical castration of little boys, who will put 14-year-old girls into menopause, and give troubled young girls cosmetic mastectomies. And I object — and for that, I’m considered dangerous.
I’ve seen public calls for every type of harm against those of us who object to the end of women’s sex-based rights or who object to the sterilization of children.
To the people who say … the only meaningful type of violence [they recognize] is that I refuse to call a man “she.”
Still others insist it is violent of me to associate with conservatives, in spite of the fact that gender activists associate with lots of conservatives, and I’ve never seen anyone have a problem with that. It’s almost like women who say no to these men [who say they are transgender] are just going to be wrong, no matter what we do.
Sisters, when a man puts you under constant surveillance and retaliates whenever you say no, and huffs about being indispensable, and he makes you lie to spare his feelings, and he always puts you in the wrong — no matter what — that is not a partnership. It’s abuse. Plan a way out before it gets worse. It will get worse.
In closing, to echo my sisters in the U.K., a man can never be a woman. A lesbian can never be male.
My name is Natasha Chart from New York state. I will not be forced to lie. I will not submit.”

~Natasha Chart

(yup, it’s Breitbart, because the Left sucks Big Pharma dick.)




This is a photograph I took recently of a piece of artwork done in the clay studio by a student at UIOWA’s School of Art and Art HIstory.  It shows a naked woman who has had her breasts chopped off by some greedy ghoul who calls himself a doctor. The inscription reads:  NOT SORRY.

Not Sorry

When I saw this piece of on the shelf outside the clay studio, it was all I could do to stifle a horrified scream. If students were casually cutting off their fingers or their ears and making art statements about how wonderful it is to chop off healthy body parts, do you think anyone would notice and try to direct the kid to some kind of help for their self-harming pathology? OF FUCKING COURSE THEY WOULD!

But the TRANZ are of a holy order that no-one is allowed to question. And everyone is squeamish about sex organs so nobody wants to even think about the eugenic medical mayhem that doctors are perpetrating against children. Everyone in my city,  Iowa City, is completely on board with this sado-religious nonsense, this latest permutation of the general female mutilation and commodification that patriarchy is famous for.  Need a new way to violate and physically harm women? Just come up with a brand new religion that defies science and observable reality. Patriarchy is a genius at this. No-one is allowed to question this new religion. To question eugenic mutilation for money is to oppress the sacred adherents to the Tranz Religion and is punishable by all the forms of silencing and punishment that this narcissistic, psychopathic culture of ours has at it’s disposal.


This NOT BRAVE and I AM NOT SORRY to stand up and say NO FUCKING WAY.

Here’s another victim of the new sadomasochistic fad that has gripped this country:


Those are recent mastectomy scars on her chest. She is hairy because that is what cross sex steroids do to female bodies. These changes are permanent. Not permanent for boys who do this to themselves. They can change their minds any time and revert to what they really are. Girls are completely fucked by the artificial hormones. Both sexes become permanent steroid addicts with a lifetime dependence on medical corporations to maintain this biological farce.

This local girl is a weaponized fembot who set up a gofundme account to collect money from her fellow sado-freaks to pay for a mastectomy. I can’t understand how surgeons have the gall to remove healthy body parts from young people who have no physical, life-threatening disease or lesion that needs to be excised in order to save a life.  I call her a weaponized fembot because she is literally a male-created female who has been empowered to harass and silence other women who happen to be in touch with material reality.  I have criticized her horrific and violent behavior and she responded by having my facebook account shut down. Because she is right and good and I am evil for pointing out an atrocity that affects ALL WOMEN.. Because that’s how logic works in the female-hating sadostate that enslaves us all.

So, if the young woman who committed this atrocity against her own body felt she had to immortalize the act by making a clay plaque to inform us all about how she is NOT SORRY, I really wonder about how sorry she will be when she finally realizes that chopping off body parts will never fix the pain of being female under the patriarchal sex slave hierarchy, will never heal the disease that is in her soul, intangible, untouchable by the sharpest of scalpels.

And I am now having a hard time returning to the school, where dozens of women who are in the Tranz cult are taking classes. Where the teachers are fawning all over them as if they are the new sacred martyrs. Which in a sense, they are: Gender Martyrs of the Holy Order of Tranz. Because I can help feeling that if they are capable of this level of physical violence toward themselves and such an intense hatred of the female body, then what other kinds of interpersonal violence might they be capable of committing? It’s a fair question, a rational fear. These are the angriest women on the planet, doing the prescribed female behavior of taking their rage out on their own and other women’s bodies. Instead of smashing patriarchy, they smash their own tits and police other other women who think this is evil of the very worst sort.

And none of this would be happening if doctors were not frankensteinian ghouls who only care about money. That’s patriarchy fer ya! Chopping off girls’ tits is just good business.


Complications and Side-Effects Associated with All Surgical Procedures

  • Nausea and vomiting are two of the most common side effects after surgery. This is largely the result of anesthesia, which is required to put you under prior to surgery.
  • Blood clots can occur with any surgical procedure. They’re the result of being immobile for a long period of time – often during post-surgical recuperation. If a body region has been immobile for too long, blood can begin to pool, eventually turning into a blood clot. It is recommended that you start walking as soon as possible during recovery to avoid this complication.
  • Infections are rare for most plastic surgery patients because they are usually healthy to begin with, but they are still a possibility. The incidence of infection after elective procedures in healthy individuals is well below 1% in Dr. Mosser’s experience.  In addition, you will be given a dose of antibiotic while you are under anesthesia, which will help ward off infection.
  • Seroma is a collection of watery fluid build-up that usually occurs during recovery. To offset the possibility of this complication, Dr. Mosser may place temporary surgical drains to collect the fluid.
  • Tissue death, also known as necrosis is possible with any surgical procedure. This complication is increased dramatically for smokers because smoking inhibits blood supply to skin tissues.
  • Though rare, anesthesia presents several health risks, including airway obstruction, abnormal heart rhythm, allergic reaction, brain damage, stroke, and even death. To minimize these risks, Dr. Mosser only performs surgery in accredited surgery centers alongside board certified anesthesiologists.

Complications and Side-Effects Associated with FTM and FTN Chest Surgery

  • Reduced nipple sensationis a common effect of FTM/N chest surgery. This risk is increased in patients who require nipple grafting. Though uncommon, it is possible to experience a complete loss of nipple sensation.
  • If your procedure requires nipple grafting, it is uncommon but possible to experience loss of the nipple graft. In these instances, you may require additional procedures to reconstruct the appearance of your nipple.
  • Scarring is inevitable with FTM/N chest surgery. The extent of your scarring will depend on the techniques we use, as well as your body’s natural propensity towards scarring. The techniques we choose are based on the amount of breast tissue and the chest appearance you desire. In general, the double incision technique results in the most significant visible scars.
  • Revision surgerymay be necessary for a variety of reasons such as asymmetric nipple placement, undesirable nipple size/appearance or prominent/undesirable scarring. If revision surgery is necessary, you will not be charged an additional surgeon’s fee.

This is the consent form that outlines the disgusting things that the artificial corporate chemicals do to female bodies. Human beings can’t change sex. Sex change is a eugenic corporate hoax. The suicide risk that is given as emotional blackmail to justify this atrocity remains the same and can worsen after the poisoning is accomplished.


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This is an interview conducted by Derrick Jensen.

Kara Dansky is a radical feminist and an attorney. She joined the Women’s Liberation Front in 2015 and has been on the board since 2016. Kara contributes to all of WoLF’s legal advocacy. Natasha Chart is the chair of the board of directors of WoLF. She also has been on the board since 2016.



You can read more about WoLF’s work here:

WoLF/Women’s Liberation Front

Amicus Brief Filed By WoLF in Harris Case



I no longer fret about the troons, despite the threat to women’s rights. The ones who scare me are the poisoned and mutilated girls. They walk into my classes and stare at me, they deliberately get into my personal physical space and silently vibe their hostility at me. As if I can’t tell IMMEDIATELY that they are women. They act as if I am going to take their steroids away and force them to sew their tits back on. They are the worst form of weaponized fembot that the system of male supremacy has managed to create so far. Token Torturers in the Mary Daly sense. Daddy’s little cross-dressing Athenas in their mutilated steroid man costumes, ready to crush other women in His Holy Name.

The good news is that these girls will all be dead of endocrine failure or cancer or some other consequence of massive steroid poisoning, in a short time – so it’s a self-limiting disaster. And I am some kind of monster for thinking that this is a terrible capitalist hoax designed to break women’s hearts and destroy our bodies even more disgustingly and thoroughly than ever before.  Patriarchy is the worst idea in the UNIVERSE and these girls are giving their lives as they terrorize other women in order to enforce the male supremacist slave hierarchy.



I see dozens of steroid-poisoned women here in Iowa City, especially around the School of Art and Art History, where I am a student at UIOWA. I rarely encounter male cross-dressers anymore, partly because the guys don’t bother to change their appearance anymore (certainly they hold onto their dicks!) when all they have to do is say they are female and we are all forced to go along with the gaslighting or lose our jobs and social status.  I think the bigger problem is the eugenic mass mutilation of young women who are running from the chains of femininity. It is a true horror. As bad as witch-burning, footbinding, and FGM (ritual female genital mutilation, i.e., female castration) a staple of some male supremacist religions, which, apparently is what capitalism is, since it’s raking in the dough from chopping off women’s tits so they can pretend to be males.) And, it IS FGM, called “gender affirmation medicine” which is truly pukeworthy. The girls are asking for it and paying for it. And they’ll rip your face off if you try to tell them it’s just the same old patriarchal sadism against women.

This is a reprint of an essay I wrote a couple of years ago that explains the reasoning behind my assertion that transgenderism is just another patriarchal mutilation cult:


In this Session I will be dis-enchanting the Tranz Trance with a bit of scholarship from famed gyno/ethicist,  Mary Daly.

 I recently picked up her book Gyn/Ecology after having read it 30 years ago and the effect of reading it now as an old woman is nothing less than shattering.

In her book Gyn/Ecology,   Daly discusses  The Pattern of the Sado-Ritual Syndrome. The Sado-Ritual Syndrome is the patriarchal method of behavior-control for women, including suttee, or widow-burning, footbinding, female castration, the European witchcraze and modern gynecology and psychiatry.  This is my synopsis of the seven features of this syndrome:

  1. obsession with purity.
  2. abdication of personal responsibility to authorities.
  3. “catching on” and spreading from the elite to the poor.
  4. scapegoating victims and setting up “token torturers”
  5. compulsion: orderliness, repetition, fixation on minute details.
  6. normalization of atrocities through conditioning.
  7. legitimatization by authoritative scholarship.

For the purpose of this Session I want to focus on element lll:

Element III

These ritualized practices have an inherent tendency to “catch on” and spread, “since they appeal to imaginations conditioned by the omnipresent ideology of male domination. Moreover, since the patriarchal imagination is hierarchical, there is a proliferation of atrocities from an elite to the upwardly aspiring lower echelons of society.”

I see this element very clearly in the Tranz fad. It is chiefly a trend of upper class white males (and females more and more now) who can afford the doctors and chemicals and surgery and the time off from labor to recuperate. The Tranz fad is in fact spreading into every corner of my world, places such as rape crisis and women’s centers, where previously I could expect safety as a woman and where I could voice my opinion. And now I am constrained from speaking up about my recognition of tranzing as an atrocity against women.  I am certain that if I extended my analysis I could find all seven elements being expressed within the Tranz phenomenon.

The Tranz fad is not about liberation of the sexes and freedom of sexual expression, although this is the ad copy that is being presented. It is nothing less than the new face of Goddess Murder, the torture and murder of the entire biosphere (as we are seeing taking place as the Amazon and Siberia go up in flames and Greenland loses it’s glaciers,) another face of the sado-ritual practices that silence and oppress women.  As long as there is a gender caste system, there will be an unequal power dynamic between the sexes. Changing your pronoun and/or chopping off/mutilating your sex organs does not change your sex, it only reinforces the terrible sex ROLES that we are forced to inhabit by the threat of violence from males.


And I would add today that fucking around with your appearance was never a good liberation strategy for females.


Mary Daly crop_1Mary Daly And The Fire Of Female Fury

Babyradfem TV does such a wonderful job of getting radical feminist content out there. Mary Daly is an important poetic voice for second wave feminism. Hags Live! Hagocracy Now!

“We already had this lecture uploaded in 2 parts, but we edited it together and cut out some audio glitches. Plus we were really excited about the Mary Daly beach image we made. Shout out to the ReSisters artist (sorry I don’t know her name) for all of her wonderful feminist quote cartoons.


Salient works by Mary Daly:

Beyond God The Father; Toward A philosophy Of Women’s Liberation


Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy


The Transgender War on Women

The Equality Act sacrifices female safety in restrooms, locker rooms and even domestic-violence shelters.

Here’s the full Text. From the WSJ.

It has become rightly fashionable to ridicule the idea of “safe spaces,” places where adults can hide and sulk like children avoiding ideas they find threatening. But women need actual safe spaces—not from intellectual challenge, of course, but from physical threat of harm from men. As a biological matter, most women are physically outmatched by men. Men are stronger and faster than we are, though we’re better able to tolerate pain and tend to live longer.

House Democrats introduced a bill this month that would outlaw safe spaces for women. The Equality Act—so called because, to put it charitably, Democrats excel at branding—purports merely to extend protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to people who are gay and transgender. Insofar as it would prohibit landlords from evicting tenants and employers from firing employees based on sexual orientation, it is no doubt long overdue.

But the bill goes further, proposing to prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity.” That claim directly competes with the rights of women and girls. Any biological males who self-identify as females would, under the Equality Act, be legally entitled to enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms and protective facilities such as battered-women’s shelters. This would put women and girls at immediate physical risk.

Because courts typically interpret Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 according to the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, amending the latter would alter the understanding of the former. Biological boys who identify as girls would gain an instant entitlement to compete on girls’ teams in all 50 states. No more democratic discussion of accommodation, competing interest, sacrifice and fairness. No more debate about whether we should really allow girls’ scholarships and trophies to go to male athletes who were unable to excel on the boys’ teams. No more discussion about whether it’s right to allow, as we have, biological men to pick off championships in women’s and girls’ powerlifting, cycling, wrestling and running. These emergent public discussions would be locked away in a vault of civil rights.

Part of the reason women have been reluctant to object to these incursions into their hard-won rights has to do with embarrassment at acknowledging our biological differences, which some leading feminists have denied for years. But women are biologically different from men, as the chromosomes in every cell of our bodies readily testify. (How absurd that this is necessary to point out.) And one source of many of our physical differences resides in our glands.

Boys undergo a testosterone surge during puberty that is 10 to 40 times what girls experience, conferring lifetime physical advantages: vastly greater muscle mass, bone density, more fast-twitch muscle fiber, larger hearts and lungs—all things that provide absolute and unbridgeable advantage in strength and speed.

As long as women had their own safe spaces, such disadvantages never mattered much. But that may soon change. Not because women and men have changed, but because of the progressive left’s sudden rush to strip girls and women of separate facilities, sacrificing their rights to a group a notch or two higher on the intersectional pecking order. As Kara Dansky, media director of the Women’s Liberation Front, put it to me, the Equality Act would eliminate “women and girls as a coherent legal category worthy of civil-rights protection.” It would do so by redefining the category of “women” to include “women and those who say they are women”—which means women and people who aren’t women at all.

Activists typically counter this argument with the claim that men wouldn’t pose as men-who-believe-they-are-women unless they sincerely believed it. There are too many taboos, and the transgender life is too hard for anyone to want to fake it, they claim. But under the Equality Act, pretending to be transgender would sometimes be rational.

It doesn’t strain the human imagination to picture a male convict renaming himself “Sheila” and heading for the women’s prison. Nor would it surprise anyone if rapists began to “identify” as women—no physical alteration is required to change your gender identity—to gain free access to women’s showers. What pedophile wouldn’t want open access to girls’ bathrooms? And many a biological man with no place to sleep would prefer the quieter, gentler confines of a shelter for battered women to the dodgy enclosure of one for homeless men.

Are there sincere transgender people who ought to be accommodated with appropriate facilities? Of course. But their need, however real, doesn’t justify the immediate transfer of the hard-won rights of women and girls. No comparable sacrifice is asked of boys and men, who are unlikely to feel threatened by a biological woman in the restroom. No top male athletes are likely to lose competitions to biological women competing as men. Only women are made to sacrifice for the sake of this new “equality.” And what women and girls are being coerced to cough up isn’t an unfair privilege but a leveler they require.

The bill is unlikely to become law while Republicans control the Senate or White House. But this isn’t the first time the Democrats have introduced the Equality Act, and it won’t be the last. It’s a proposal worth taking seriously because it provides a glimpse of the left’s willingness to sacrifice women and girls to those wolves in sheep’s clothing—transgender or not—who would take advantage of them.

Ms. Shrier is a writer living in Los Angeles.